The panoramic format is often perfectly suited to a Grand Scenic View. For example, the view outside my front door is a 90-degree panorama of the Rocky Mountains from the James Peak Wilderness Area to Rocky Mountain National Park. The Rocky Mountains have peaks over 14,000 feet above sea level, however all of the Rockies in Colorado sit on top of the 5,000' Colorado Plateau, and many of the mountain ranges have a series of sawtooth-like peaks that lend themselves perfectly to the panoramic format. Likewise, valleys, plains, and canyons of the American West and Southwest often present vast panoramic scenic views. I use the 4x10, 5.5x14, and 8x20 formats to capture these scenes whenever I can. I hope you enjoy these photographs of the most beautiful, majestic, scenic wonders of the United States. Most of these locations have been set aside as National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, Wilderness Areas or other protected designations to preserve their scenic beauty for generations to come.

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