The Original Series: One-of-a-Kind, True Photographic Print

My Original Series consists of a single, one-of-a-kind, True Photographic Print of each of the photographs on this website printed in Mural Sizes of 6 foot x 10 foot, 6 foot x 8 foot, or 4 foot x 10 foot depending on the aspect ratio of the image--60%, 75% or 40%.

These Ultimate Quality Grand Format Mural Original Prints are unsurpassed in quality and grandeur. Finally, a photograph of the Grand Canyon--or Yosemite Valley--or the Grand Teton--or the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone--or (Choose Your Scenic Wonder)--that looks like the Grand Canyon, etc.! I.e., that gives you the sense of awe and wonder you feel when standing in these majestic National Park viewpoints.

Each of these originals is printed using a Lightjet laser printer to project the photograph onto Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Endura paper that has been coated with layers of red, green and blue dyes. The paper is then developed in a wet chemistry process, dried, face-mounted on a sheet of 1/4" optically clear acrylic and backed with a sheet of aluminum. The 1/4" acrylic gives the print a 3-D-like visual effect as well as a protective UV and scratch-resistance coating.

Each mural-sized print is custom framed and crated before shipping directly to your residence or place of business for installation.

Prices for Original Series Prints start at $50,000.

Please contact Michael directly for more information: