Ultimate Quality Fine Art Prints

The Limited Edition Ultimate Quality Fine Art Prints for purchase here on my website are unsurpassed in quality and workmanship. I would not put my name on them otherwise.

I have spent 17 years, not only developing the best portfolio of American Western and Southwest Art I possibly could, but also investigating and testing the best possible printing materials and methods.

Here are my findings and why I offer these selections:

First, a Limited Edition of 50 prints in either face-mounted acrylic or canvas as described below; Second, a one-of-a-kind, Original Series, True Photographic Mural described on this page.

Limited Edition Series

Ultimate Quality Lumachrome® TruLife® Acrylic Fine Art Prints

Robert Park (Nevada Art Printers) is a master printer. He has developed a proprietary print process he calls Lumachrome®. The Lumachrome® process exceeds the previous industry standard using Fujiflex print coatings on a polyester base, face-mounted to standard acrylic.

Lumachrome® prints to a clear, transparency layer on a white polyester photo base. The fine art print is face-mounted to TruLife® Acrylic. TruLife® Acrylic is a revolutionary development in fine art printing, greatly reducing indirect reflections and glare. The acrylic face mount provides 99% UV protection for your Ultimate Quality Fine Art print and completely protects the surface of the print from environmental contaminants and abrasions.

The print is mounted onto a sheet of aluminum Dibond®, a light weight aluminum foam-core “sandwich,” which completely protects the rear of the Ultimate Quality Fine Art print from environmental contamination and abrasions.

Lumachrome® prints allow 3D-like details to emerge from the depths of the image. The transparency layer is infused with iridium particles and encapsulated between the TruLife® Acrylic and the white poly surface base layer.

Ready-to-hang frameless acrylic prints have a frame attached to the rear of the artwork sandwich both to give structural support and to make it easy to hang the artwork on your wall.

In addition to providing UV and other environmental protection, the TruLife® Acrylic combined with the Lumachrome® process offers these


• Brilliant Colors Lasting Over 120Yrs

• Superior Color Gamut vs Traditional Fujiflex Prints

• Incredible 3D Depth and Dimensionality

• Unsurpassed Detail and Ability to Hold Highlights

• Superior Shadow Luminosity and Detail

• Radiant Glowing Response Under Art Lighting

These Ultimate Quality Lumachrome® TruLife® Acrylic Fine Art Prints are simply the finest photographic presentations you will find anywhere. I guarantee you will be amazed by the colors, depth and clarity of these works of art!

Ultimate Quality Satin Finish Canvas Fine Art Prints

If your installation location is high-glare, such as a dining room with a brilliant, low-hanging chandelier or a conference room wall facing a wall of windows, then I recommend you consider one of my Ultimate Quality Satin Finish Canvas Fine Art Prints instead an acrylic face mounted print. As wonderful as the TruLife® Acrylic is at reducing reflections and glare, if you place a bright light (either window or artificial light source) directly in front of the print, you will see a reflection. Satin Finish Canvas can overcome even this degree of reflectivity. Or perhaps you simply prefer your artwork printed on canvas. Either way, I feel there are good reasons for offering you a choice of print styles. Both have their places.

These Giclee canvas prints are like nothing you have seen. They are created with 8 color OIL BASED INKS on the finest canvas using custom tone curves. You will be blown away by the oil like original quality of these Ultimate Quality Satin Finish Canvas Fine Art Prints. These canvas prints have incredible photographic resolution, clarity, vibrancy and Dmax giving fantastic photo image quality. Satin Finish Canvas Fine Art Prints are waterproof and 99% UV protected.


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Oil Painting Qualities
  • Rich Deep Blacks